The AeroTech Interlock is the launch controller offered by AeroTech. This is a reasonable piece of equipment although not much better than the Estes Electron Beam® controller. It’s main advantage is that it can fire AeroTech Copperhead igniters (which requires 12v and luck).

Although not an impressive launch controller, it is nicely made and is capable of handling 12v, but doesn’t offer much beyond those basics. However, it can fire Copperhead ignitors, which penlight battery controllers can’t.

Even if you don’t use their controller, you pretty much need to use one of their clips for Copperhead ignitors because of the design. The Copperheads are flat and you apply the current to both sides of the strips which makes aligator clips problematic. The ignitor clip (one) is designed so it can only apply current to both sides of the strip, making this automatic (assuming you can feed the ignitor into the jaws.

The safety key has to be held in with one hand while you press the launch button with the other (unless you have large and flexible hands. So it would be hard to have an accidental launch.

AeroTech Interlock Controller

The AeroTech Interlock launch controller
The AeroTech Interlock launch controller

AeroTech has a web site. You can find out more about this controller there as well.

Submitted by: John Coker