INFOcentral was originally released under the following copyright:

Copyright © 1996–2000, Rocketry Online, all rights reserved

This copyright statement has been applied to pages retrieved from the Internet Archive. Rocketry Online no longer exists and its founder, Darrell Dwayne Mobley, passed away in 2011. U.S. copyright law grants copyright for 70 years after the death of the author. Even though the copyright claim ended over 20 years ago and the copyright holder is deceased, the pages from INFOcentral aren’t public domain. That makes the use and modification of this content subject to copyright law.

INFOcentral has been revived here in good faith. Its mission was to help make hobby rocketry accessible to a wide audience. That mission will continue in this new decade. There are no ads on It is free to all and generates no revenue.

New content added to INFOcentral will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.1 Each page has a license statement to clearly indicate which license covers that particular page.

  1. Creative Commons wasn’t founded until 2001. If those licences had been available at its founding INFOcentral probably would have used them. Rocketry Online was a community-building organization and Creative Commons supports that mission while avoiding some of the legal encumbrances of copyright.