Weighting Your Nosecone

This is the procedure to place weight in the nose of your rocket. You can use #6 lead shot purchased at hunting stores, like Bass Pro Shops, but BB’s will work. First use your hobby knife, or saw, to enlarge the opening at the bottom of the nosecone. Tape a small piece of sandpaper to a dowel and sand the inside of the nose where the glue will be. Next measure out the desired weight of lead shot in a cup. You can use a postage scale, or similar, for measurements. Place equal amounts of 20 minute Finish or 2 hour epoxy in cups. Combine all the cups contents and stir vigorously for one minute. Pour the mixture into the nose cone and brace, point down, for 24 hours. This is a common procedure and should produce excellent results.

Submitted by: Doyle Tatum