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Black Sky Research ALTACC
Black Sky Research ALTACC Accelerometer
ALTACC Accelerometer
ALTACC combines an accelerometer and barometric pressure sensor into a single data acquisition systems. There are recovery system outputs based on acceleration integration minimum velocity peak and barometric low altitude (500 feet above ground level). ALTACC provides "pretty good data", for altitude and vehicle performance.

No programming is required with the unit. Recovery is set up by connecting ejection charge leads to 'main' or 'drogue and main' terminal blocks. Since the unit has the connectors for the ejection charges built into the board as well as the power switch, no wiring harness is needed. The unit features on-board status LED indicators, and arming switch, terminals and battery holder.

Data is stored as 'sensor' voltage to allow flexible, unambiguous ground processing. An included software/cable package allows for easy downloading of data for analysis. Future options call for a "Field Data Unit" for easy processing of data in the field.

Acceleration measurement range is +/- 25 G's, where liftoff detection for arming, the unit must see greater than 1.0 G for .25 seconds.

Black Sky Research ALTACC Accelerometer
ALTACC Accelerometer
The storage system samples data 16 times per second, with a total storage time of 4.25 minutes. The power requirements for those not using a 9 volt battery is from 7 to 14 volts. Output to the ejection charge is 1.5 amps at 8.5 volts, possible using a fresh 9 volt battery.

An included mounting decal provides accurate mounting locations and arming instructions, shown to the left in the photo at the right. Additional labels are available from Black Sky Research to allow you to mount the ALTACC in more than one rocket.

Dimensions are 1.2" wide by 1.5" thick by 3.6" long. Fits inside a 1.5" ID tube and weighs 1.7 ounce with 9 volt battery.

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