Recovery Calculators

 Basic Techniques
 Recovery Design
 Two Stage Design
 Recovery Harness
 Ejection Systems
 Ejection Charges
 Black Powder Use
 Electric Matches
 Chute Protection
 Main Chute Sizing
 Drogue Sizing
 TN & Cord Info.
 Deployment Bags
 Backwards Sliding
 Drop Table
 X-form Descent
 Baro Tester
 Calculators (IE)
 Calcs. (download)
 Dual Deploy

 Parachute Design

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There are a nice set of on-line calculators available on the Washington High Power site. These calculators use VBScript, and so only work with Mirosoft's Internet Explorer.

Descent Rate
'Chute Calc
Drift Calc
Black Powder

I also have received a few suggestions for a stand-alone version of the calculators (not online). I have finished making a desktop version and it now posted to my web site for download:
It is freeware and I do not ask for or expect any payment from those who download it. It is a standard .zip file, to install the program you would need to unzip and then run setup.exe.

Submitted by Jack Anderson

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