Building a model rocket isn’t difficult or expensive and it gives you a sense of what goes into a rockets and how they work. The best advice for someone brand new to the hobby is to build a model rocket and fly it at a local club launch. You can buy model rockets from Estes and Quest from most hobby shops and large toy stores. Most people enjoy the building itself and building model rockets is fun and satisfying and you can always put more effort into it to improve on your next model.

Beyond model rockery, you will need to get involved with a club. (See the Clubs section). Because the logistics of flying high-power and amateur rockets are too difficult for most individuals to tackle, club launches are mandatory for more advanced rocketry. Not to mention that meeting and talking to more experienced rocketeers is the best way to find out more information. Through a club, you’ll find out what kinds of rockets can be flown from their field and what things they have used and like. This is a great way to advance because you can get direct help and feedback.

The on-line community, primarily Rocketry Online and the rec.models.rockets newsgroup, provide a good forum to find out what other people are doing, get more information and ask questions. Take a look at the rec.models.rockets FAQ.

Submitted by: John Coker