Since TRA prefects conduct “research” rocket launch activities, the organization would be a reasonable place to start, if you are interested in engineering your own rocket motors read the [Tripoli Research Safety Code][]. Regularly scheduled launches provide a great place to meet other research rocketeers, launch the motors you have developed, and learn a lot in the process. Other rocketeers are a most valuable asset, in your pursuit of “Research” rocketry.

An organization that supports research rocketry exclusively is the Reaction Research Society, or RRS as commonly referred to. From the RRS webpage:

“The REACTION RESEARCH SOCIETY, founded in 1943, is the oldest continuously operating amateur experimental rocketry group in the United States. With a membership active in all areas of the propulsion sciences, the Society maintains the largest privately owned rocket test facility in the country and has, among its membership, many experienced, state licensed First and Second Class Rocket Pyrotechnic Operators. Utilizing these facilities and expertise, the RRS is now offering the first in a series of dedicated rocket propulsion classes for the serious rocketry enthusiast.”

Online Resources

“arocket” is an email-based Rocket-Science discussion group. Topics are broad, encompassing everything from micro-hybrid rocket motors to record-setting candy motors. Subscribers range from the curious hobbyist to college professional, and chemical engineers. One of the most polite/thorough mail lists, it is also the most informative. Most questions to arocketeers are quickly and concisely answered, never making one feel out of place.

The arocket FAQ page, providing many excellent links to resource material, includes instructions for subscribing to the mail list. We highly recommend subscription, if you have any interest in research rocketry whatsoever. Don’t be surprised at the volume of traffic though. arocket has a pretty sizable and lively knowledge base. See

Another useful email discussion “list” is called Chemroc. This list moves much more slowly than arocket, with discussions ranging from propulsion engineering to “How to anodize aluminum.” From James E. Lanier’s Gas Dynamics Lab “Amateur” web-page:

“Chemroc is an e-mail discussion group for amateur rocketeers. All rocket motor related scientific interests are welcome. The purpose of the group is to discuss topics with other scientists and amateur scientists for the purpose of increasing rocket propulsion knowledge. This is NOT a model rocketry discussion group. This is a scientific discussion group with a primary interest in propulsion and the chemistry of propulsion. Rocket motors, chemical processes, measurement theory and testing apparatus are typical topics.”

Chemroc is well worth looking in to. Don’t choose to subscribe to arocket over chemroc, subscribe to both. For subscription details, go to Lanier’s Chemroc page.

Submitted by: Chuck Andrus