Want to create modular style electrical routing in a rocket? one that supports staging, cluster air-starting, etc. with no outside shrouds to carry the wires.

From the rocket’s payload bay, above the recovery bay and motors/fins, feed two cables with 1/4” plugs to mount with two jacks in the forward bulkhead of the rocket. It’s a centering ring held off by standoffs, from the second, glued to the top of the motor mount. This is so you can run wire, from the jacks.

  1. Goes down an additional hole/route system (some tubular brass epoxied with holes in the end bulkheads)
  2. Connects to an ejection charge held in a small tube in the side of the centering ring

The top assembly can be mounted in screw-like stand offs to gain access to the wiring (making it upgradeable for more pass thru’s, if needed, in the future) or it can be glued in, your preference.

Cover the cables in a piece of kevlar shock-cord protector tubing, and the plugs would go by the side of the parachute so that, at ejection, they separate cleanly.

All this makes an aerodynamically friendly reliable way of routing electrical signals in a modular fashion. Add as many pass throughs as you need.

Internal wiring using phono jacks
Internal wiring using phono jacks

Submitted by: Ryan Hopkins